Chakra Class Segment 2 - Learn How to Balance Your Charka System


Root: Personal Power and Well-Being - Balancing your Foundation.

Navel: Emotions and Sensual Well-Being - Vitality.

Solar Plexus: Personal Expression of Power - Sovereignty.

Heart: Compassion, Forgiveness, Generosity and Love - Balanced Heart.

Throat: Communication, Creativity, Connection and Personal Intention - Expression.

Brow: (THIRD EYE ) - Memory, Dreams, Learn Intellectually, Understand True Nature - Vision.

Crown: Higher Spiritual Consciousness, Meaning in Life, Transcends all Senses - Crowning Glory.All seven chakra's are studied in depth, when bringing balance to each of the seven chakra's, you will invoke a powerful benefit to you and your life. A key to attaining a better understanding, healing your energy imbalances and improving your vitality.

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